Winter 2021: Protecting Our Families

In January 2021, Traction & Heartspark Press partnered with the Washington State Department of Health & DH to produce weekly messaging aimed at trans and non-binary families throughout our region. The objective was simple: to create a series of thoughtful images about protecting your family during the COVID-19 pandemic. We worked exclusively with trans women artists and other gender diverse creatives, and the results were outstanding. Take a look at what we produced and get connected to our work. 

Spring 2021: Get Vaccinated!

From May to July 2021, TRACTION partnered once again with WA State Department of Health and DH to get out messaging to the LGBTQ+ community around vaccinations. This time, the age range was much broader. Our goal is to encourage trans and non-binary people to do their part in getting vaccinated. Here is some of our collective work from April to June 2021:

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