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TRACTION cultivates connection and visibility for transgender and gender-nonbinary people through community service in support of underserved communities.


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What we do

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Amplify #TransExcellence and #TransJoy

Trans/Nonbinary Musical Showcases & Thoughtful Discussions

In 2024 TRACTION will produce three free events, each featuring multiple trans/nb performers, speakers, and thought leaders.

  • Community Bonfire March 2024 – LiveStream with music videos, and panel discussion about the repercussions of Nex Benedict’s death.
  • Vibes May – Live performances by six artists (with ASL interpretation), voter registration, vaccinations, and community resources.
  • Vibes September – Coming this fall, rally and live performances by artists (with ASL interpretation), voter registration, vaccinations, community resources, and a keynote. More info coming soon!

Get our Community Engaged

  • Make events accessible with – ramps, all-gender bathrooms, ASL interpretation, multiple printed languages, closed captioning, live streaming, and more.
  • Use our social media to circulate news, grants, and events in the trans community.
  • Create opportunities to volunteer, mentor, skill-build, and contract.

Respond to Current Events

  • Pandemic Safety Updates—accurate, up-to-date information about COVID-19, vaccines, and more from trustworthy sources for the trans+ community.
  • Rally, educate, and encourage voters.
    LGBTQ Asylum Seekers Immigrant/Refugee Coalition participant – supporting trans asylum seekers & detainees.
  • The Open Arms portal is a new program aimed at providing resources and information to “Red State Refugees” who are fleeing hostile states and seeking sanctuary in Washington. Your donation means TRACTION can continue to lead in building the portal and training community partners in using it.

TRANS PRIDE 365 Calendar

TRACTION’s searchable calendar highlights regional and national events created by and for our community, including Pride events, TDOR observations, concerts, art shows, and community gatherings. Add your event today!


We are focused on the trans community, which includes Two-Spirit, trans+, nonbinary, questioning, agender, and the many other words we use to define our gender. We are also allies, friends, and family members who embrace gender authenticity.


TRACTION stands in solidarity with all BIPOC people and communities, especially women, migrants, sex workers, and youth.  [more]

The TRACTION board of directors is 100% non-cisgender people, and majority BIPOC.


To make the world a better place, we must make it better for ourselves. Our goal is to cultivate a body of members eager to offer our volunteer power to collaborate with other organizations and assist underserved populations. In doing this, we increase trans visibility and affirmation within the broader community while helping those in need.

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