TRACTION cultivates connection and visibility for trans and gender-diverse people through community service in support of underserved communities.

We aim to empower and uplift trans+ and nonbinary people and create visibility through social engagement, outreach, and community service. Through collaboration with existing groups whose programs reach underserved populations within the Pacific Northwest, TRACTION provides support in the form of volunteer power, funds, and publicity.

From "The Art of Queer Love" - an open mic in February 2021
TRACTION members marched alongside allies at the 2019 Seattle Trans Pride.

FY 2022 Board of Directors


  • Shelley O'Neill, President, Co-Chair*
  • C. Michael Woodward, Vice-President & Treasurer, Co-Chair*
  • Roberta Garcia, Secretary
  • Brooke Wylie
  • Jenn Odell
  • Lara Americo
  • Colleen Ogi*
  • Silah Medellín
  • Ellis Westbrook

*TRACTION Cofounders

Operations Team

  • Shelley O'Neill
  • Mary Doyle
  • Michael Woodward
  • Jenn Odell, action projects coordinator
  • Sharlotte Lily
  • Sophie Starheart

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