TRACTION (trans • community • action) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit championing for Trans Visibility and Connection Through Advocacy, Collaboration, Community Service, and Summit Gatherings

We aim to empower and uplift transgender and nonbinary people and create visibility through social engagement, outreach and community service. Through collaboration with existing groups whose programs are serving marginalized and underserved populations within the Pacific Northwest, TRACTION will provide support in the form of volunteer power, funds and publicity.

From our first EMERGE Summit in September 2019
From "The Art of Queer Love" - an open mic in February 2021

Board of Directors

Shelley Shore O'Neill (chair) • Brooke Wylie • Jenn Odell • Ellis Westbrook • Silah Medellin
Michael Woodward (vice chair) • Colleen Ogi • Carolyn MacGregor (Secretary / Treasurer)

Operations Team

Shelley Shore O'Neill (president)
Michael Woodward (vice president)
Jenn Odell (action projects coordinator)
Rainbow Bird Mom (programming/social media)

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