At TRACTION, we hold a set of core organizational values that guide our work and shape our impact on the trans and gender-diverse community. These values are:

Love and Compassion

We approach our work with love and compassion, fostering an environment of care and support. We embrace the diversity of identities and experiences within the community, promoting understanding, empathy, and kindness.


We foster a strong sense of community among transgender and gender-diverse individuals, providing a safe and supportive space where they can connect, share experiences, and build meaningful relationships.


We recognize the interconnected nature of social identities and advocate for an intersectional approach in our work. We understand that individuals’ experiences are shaped by multiple aspects of their identity, such as race, ethnicity, disability, and socioeconomic status.


We strive to increase visibility for the trans and gender-diverse community. Through our efforts, we aim to raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and create a more inclusive society that recognizes and respects the experiences and contributions of all.


We value collaboration. Internally, we foster a culture of teamwork, recognizing the strength that comes from working together. Externally, we actively seek partnerships with organizations, allies, and stakeholders to maximize our impact and create lasting change. By joining forces, we strive for equality, justice, and well-being for all.


We actively advocate for the rights, equality, and social acceptance of transgender and gender-diverse communities, working towards creating a more inclusive and just society.

These organizational values guide our decisions, shape our programs and initiatives, and drive us toward our mission of cultivating connection, visibility, and empowerment for the trans and gender-diverse community.

Family of Trans Folks

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