The Art of Queer Love: a trans & non-binary open mic

TRACTION presents THE ART OF QUEER LOVE, a virtual open mic for our friends across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Join host Kalisto Nanen on Tuesday, February 23rd for an evening of adventure, tenderness, and hope — featuring Kylie Mooncakes, Tobi Hill-Meyer, La Espiritista, Mya Byrne, and you!
For February, we are celebrating the depth of love in all the ways, whether its love of self, love of body, or even love of the world around you. This love doesn’t have to be love between you and family member or another person. It doesn’t have to be physical or romantic, either. It can be however you define it, as long as its queer and as long it is your heart. All types of performances (including painting, drag, song, poetry, storytelling, spoken word, building legos, etc!) are welcome!
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