TRACTION Appoints Executive Director

Michael Woodward

TRACTION is excited to announce the appointment of our first Executive Director, Michael Woodward!

Michael (he/him) is a writer, rock star, change agent, rabble-rouser, and early leader in the gender justice movement. He is a co-founder of TRACTION and former director of Seattle’s Gender Odyssey conference. He has published myriad nonfiction books, articles, and blogs, most notably contributing the title essay to the 2014 transmasculine anthology Manning Up from Transgress Press and several entries in Encyclopedia of Sex and Sexuality: Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture (ABC-CLIO, 2021).

A recovering Hoosier, he holds a BS in Public and Corporate Communications from Butler University and later earned a Master of Public Health Policy and Management and a Graduate Certificate in Collaborative Governance from the University of Arizona. Michael represented Mayor Robert Walkup for five years on the City of Tucson Commission on GLBT Issues and is a founding member of the University of Arizona President’s LGBT Advisory Council.

Michael is also an aqua fitness coach and an accomplished vocalist. He was the lead singer in Tucson’s infamous trans and allies cover bands, Too Much Information and BlackMagic: A Tribute to Carlos Santana. He now enjoys singing with Puget Soundworks, a LGBTQ+ mixed chorus.

Michael lives in West Seattle with his nonbinary spouse, Carolyn, and their feline companions, Bruce Wayne and Cosmo.

Social media:
Instagram: @morphingmichael
LinkedIn: @morphingmichael

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