Gender Justice Awards

Now more than ever, we must reflect upon and honor the people who have made a difference. Tune in on Facebook Live (or stream later at your leisure) to help GJL and TRACTION celebrate and honor our incredible award winners making big moves for gender justice in Washington state.
All funds donated to GJL on Thursday, April 8th, will be given directly to our award winners—and TRACTION will MATCH up to $500 of your donations—so give generously. We also encourage you to give directly to award winners:
  • Katherine Blake, Longevity Award
    – Cashapp: $TwoTrans
    – Venmo: TwoTrans
  • Lavender Rights Project’s WA Black Trans Task Force, Organization Award
    – Give:
  • Mattie Mooney, HIV/Health Justice Award
    – Cashapp: $UMadisonBro
    – Paypal: youmadisonbro
    – Venmo:
  • Mercy Kariuki-McGee, Accomplice Award
    – Cashapp: $Shirros
    – Venmo: @Shirros
  • Pizza Klatch, Youth Organization Award
    – Give:
  • Randy Ford, Zeitgeist Award
    – Venmo: @Randy-Ford-3
    – Cashapp: $randybaby
  • Scarlett D’Giacomo, Black Trans Lives Matter Award
    – Venmo: @Scarlett-DGiacomo
  • Sherae Lascelles, Power Award
  • Ve’ondre Mitchell, Youth Justice Award
    – Paypal: veondremitchell
    – Cashapp: $mitchellveondre
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