In Support of Two Spirit and QTBIPOC People

TRACTION’s mission is to cultivate connection and visibility for transgender and gender-diverse people through community service in support of underserved communities. We stand in solidarity with Two Spirit and  Indigenous communities, and especially with murdered and missing Indigenous women and Two Spirit femmes.

We all have a responsibility to seek out and dismantle racial injustice. TRACTION is committed to further educating ourselves and to listening to BIPOC queer and trans leaders and peers who have agreed to walk with us, and to use our learnings, privileges, and resources to oppose racism and take action against it.

As we close the month of November–both Transgender Awareness Month and Native American Heritage Month, we enter the traditional “season of giving.” In this spirit, TRACTION wants to amplify the voices of some of our BIPOC siblings in the struggle and invite you to consider donating your time and/or resources to their work:

This is by no means an exhaustive list of good people doing good work or is it intended to exclude anyone. We welcome your input.

TRACTION Board of Directors

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