We are thrilled to welcome our artists and speakers.

Michelle Nicole Matlock is a performing artist, creative coach, teacher, director, producer and founder of Circle Up Productions (CUP), a live entertainment and performing arts education company based in Tacoma, WA.

Michelle has been a part of the entertainment industry for over 25 years and had the honor of being the first African American Person to create a main character for Cirque du Soleil. They toured with Cirque’s big top show OVO for close to 10 years.

Currently Michelle is an Adjunct faculty member at Dell’Arte International School for Physical Theater and a member of the Puget Sound Revels creative team. Recently Michelle was Clown Director/Consultant for Circus Bella and Emmy nominated actress’ Carolyn Ratteray’s solo show Both And…A Play About Laughing While Black.

Michelle has continuous teaching engagements and collaborations with organizations across the nation including, Clown Gym, Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, The Clown School, Laughter League, Circus Amok and Tacoma Light Trail

Michelle grew up in Tacoma, WA., studied theater for 3 years at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. and is a Graduate of the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York City.

Apollo Flowerchild is an NYC-based indie-folk multi-instrumentalist. They have been writing music for the last 8 years and has developed their sound to cover complexity, with a sense of soulful beauty. Their voice is like spring after a long winter, holding the pain and soul of the cold while, gently emerging from the frost the promise of a softer warmer tomorrow. 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/goldenlamb

As a TEDx speaker, voice of the ACLU’s Change.org campaign and contributor to The Washington Post, NPR, Rolling Stone and Democracy Now!, Lara Americo talks about social justice for queer and trans people of color. She’s the founder of the nonprofit Comic Girl Coffee + Books, an inclusive safe space for queer and transgender people located in Charlotte, NC. In her talks, Americo helps audiences understand the often complex topic of gender identity and the gender binary using her personal experiences within the LGBTQ community.


Reverend Dollars aka Renee Jarreau (she/they) is a Seattle-based DJ, musician, and producer who is the founder of the Darqness Seattle Queer and Trans People of Color Arts Collective. Her work focuses on bringing together marginalized Black, Trans, and Queer communities through the mediums of music and dance, with energetic DJ sets known for house, club, and hiphop beats played at a frenetic pace.

Seattle Trans and Nonbinary Choral Ensemble (STANCE): By building a community of trans and nonbinary singers, we aim to foster an environment where changing voices are authentically embraced. Our vision is an inclusive and accessible singing community where intersecting identities are centered at all levels of the organization. Through our music, both singers and audiences are encouraged to find embodiment and connect to our full selves, physical and emotional.

ASL Interpreter & Performer (They/Them)

Nationally Certified ASL Interpreter, RID, & Music Educator, ’15 Texas State University alum, Aimee Adams blends the two distinct fields of musical conducting and language access of American Sign Language interpreting into a passionate outpouring, beloved by the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing community. As a CODA, Child of Deaf Adults, Aimee Adams engages in communication access in a wide variety of settings while interpreting, but specializes in the performance arts access: music interpreting, integrative theatrical interpreting, traditional theater interpreting, & the comedic arts.

See their latest works on Tiktok @AimeeAdams_MusicHands

Aaron Johnson, a transplant from Milwaukee WI, and proud Seattleite. Aaron has been in the Seattle area as a professional ASL Interpreter for nearly 7 years. 

Aaron received his BA. In education & National Interpreter Certification from the University of Milwaukee in 2016. 

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